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The stand is designed to accept 3/8″ BSW taps manufactured to ISO529 standards with a 10mm shank. The tap is held in position by two M8 stainless steel grub-screws. The stand will accept taps manufactured to the original British Standard which has a slightly smaller shank, but the tap will not be a snug fit in the wrench and may have a tendency to "move" when tapping.

It is my understanding that all studs are made with the 3/8″ BSW thread which was the starting point of the design. An M10 X 1.5 metric coarse tap has 16.93 threads per inch (TPI) as opposed to 16TPI on the 3/8″ BSW and should not be used unless the studs are a similar thread form. Should another thread form be used on the studs, then it may be necessary to check if the tap will fit the wrench and is of the correct length.

Whether High Speed Steel or Carbon Steel taps are used is one of personal preference. The generally held view seems to be that for jobbing work the H.S.S. tap will cut a more accurate thread, BUT will not be as hard as Carbon Steel and will blunt sooner. H.S.S. is also more expensive than Carbon Steel, but as one of the problems experienced by farriers is that studs tend to fall out during use, the additional cost may be offset by the improved thread. Only a "second-cut" tap is necessary, providing care is taken to apply equal pressure to both sides of the handle.

The pillar is manufactured from sections of 40mm square solid bar which avoids any possibility of flexing.

The pillar bush is made from "Vesconite"® which is self-lubricating.

There are 3 bars welded to the 10mm steel base. Two (16mm square) on the outer edges would be utilised when the stand is on a flat surface and the centre bar (12mm square) can be used to hold the stand in a vice.

There are 2 bolts on the front edge are to stop the horse shoe turning when tapping is in progress. These may be removed should a user find they do not suit his/her method of operating.

Please note that design changes may be made from time to time, based upon information received from users.


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