ELM Grab Stick / Snake Tongs

Original Design--2002     All External Workings

First revision--2003     Internal Workings

Second Revision--2003     New handle & grab end

Third revision--2003     New Handle, grab end & finish, improved internal workings






The ELM "Grab stick" is manufactured in South Africa from high quality corrosion resistant materials.

The initial design of the unit was improved over several years using comments & suggestions from experienced amateur and professional snake handlers, to ensure the highest quality product could be obtained. Only then was it offered for sale.
The main components of the handle and grab are machined from a high grade of cast Aluminium, the strength characteristics of which, are very close to mild steel. The tube is drawn Aluminium that is machined to the required dimensions. All the parts are powder-coated prior to assembly to ensure durability, lasting appearance (subject to correct maintenance) & "clean hands" (no grey residue-a form of corrosion- comes off). The main pivots have "Oilite" bushes. All other small pins and screws are stainless steel
The operating lever is adjustable for both spring tension (2 springs are used) as well as the position of the grab lever to suit the operators requirements. The standard "grab" opening is 55 degrees.
The standard length of the entire grab unit is approximately 1000mm using a 720mm tube. When ordering a grab stick, the tube length can be changed (within safe limits) to suit your needs. However, delivery will be extended as the tube would need to be specially manufactured and it is not economically viable to powder-coat small quantities. The approximate weight for the standard unit is 1kg.


The E.L.M. Services “Standard Terms and Conditions” applies to the Grab Stick.

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