New Product Added - Farrier Tapping Stand

Elm Services cc was founded by Roger Dewsbury initially for the purpose of management solutions. When retiring the companies focus changed completely...It now manufactures high quality hand made snake handling equipment for likeminded handlers who want quality.ELM Logo

All the items are manufactured using predominantly aluminium, but all the internal workings are made from brass or stainless steel. For those of a slight mechanical mind, the main bushes are "Oilite", which is an oil impregnated bronze.

The original design brief was to develop a strong, reliable grab-stick (sometimes referred to as “snake tongs”) that is light without compromising safety, and adapted to the needs of South African handlers.

The grab-stick went through several revisions and prototypes as well as extensive testing, before the current design was finally adopted for production in 2003. During early development, several handlers requested the actuator rod be moved from “external” to inside the tube, where a snake could not hold onto the rod with its tail – this feature has been incorporated into all E.L.M. grab-sticks. Strength of the grabstick is not something that need be a concern, as one handler caught a 3 metre Black Mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) with no damage to the grabstick or the handler! Another grab was used to initially subdue a python in captivity that was not in the best of temper because of an illness and needed medication. Whilst catching large snakes is not an everyday occurrence for most handlers, it is important that equipment has the capacity to manage such situations should they occur.


ELM Services cc produces high quality no compromise equipment for the discerning handler.

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